Round here, we always stay up late.

Two of my best friends got married a year ago and threw one of the most memorable receptions ever, at The Roundhouse, undoubtedly one of the most scenic restaurant locations in Cape Town. And unlike those restaurants on the strip in Camps Bay, the food here is actually as tip top as the view. This is where you take friends from out of town to show off our city, nonchalantly gesturing to the view as if it’s nothing really, while their eyes pop out from ocean panoramic overload.

Last Sunday the married couple threw a little reunion, inviting all their friends back to share some more fun. Farryl Purkiss on stage, cocktails, champagne, pizzas and best friends enjoying that view until it disappeared into the darkness. Cape Town you little beauty, you.

One Response to “Round here, we always stay up late.”

  1. hi,
    This place is good to have reunion, they offer great variety of food to all. Pizza and cocktails are very nice.