Bloody Hell Mary.

I could be seated at Clarke’s Diner drinking this all morning. Happily. Their Bloody Mary (which looks a lot better in real life than this fuzzy picture) is served in a large jar with a generous lashing of Tabasco, some green olives, pickled beans, lemon and the obligatory air of nonchalance the chilled bar staff exude.

I’d like to think that if I had three or four of these and went to a meeting I’d clean up. Be the funny guy in the room. Have them cracking at my sharp wit and humour. But in reality, that’d just be damned unprofessional. So good thing you can just order a tomato cocktail, sans vodka. Saturday mornings though, time to hit up some Stoli.

I feel the need to go on a mission to find the other contenders for best Bloody Mary in town. Where’s your favourite Bloody Mary in Cape Town?


One Response to “Bloody Hell Mary.”

  1. katie says:

    without a doubt best Bloody Mary serve must go to Orphanage Cocktail Emporium on Orphan/Bree St that serves in a sort of Warhol style tomato soup can………very funny and very cool….i can send you a picture of one that i’ve had there… will email you!