Eats. Drinks.

Comfort Sunday lunch is slow-cooked pork belly with roast baby figs and polenta by the talented sister.

For Eggs Benedict times, make it Caffe Milano times.

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. A bunch of rad guys that aren’t vegan at all. They also serve my favourite local beer.

Haven’t been to Loading Bay on Hudson Street in ages but it’s still looking good.

A Tavola in Claremont is the best Italian in the suburbs, maybe even in Cape Town. And yes, I’ve been to Magica Roma where the place is inhabited by extras from The Golden Girls, yawn. This is way better. And they have imported a bunch of Italian wines that are well-priced and delicious. Think unoaked Barbera or fresh zesty Trebbiano, wines that work beautifully with the awesome food.

Go to Dear Me at lunchtime. Get that day’s menu. Order anything. It’ll be outstanding, just watch.

The Power & The Glory has a reputation for pickleback-fueled benders and spitting out tattooed drunkards at 2am when they close the bar. They also do a mean soft-boiled eggs for breakfast the next day at 7am. Rather civilized, really.

Drink this wine, it’s really good. Fresh, slightly effervescent and makes Monday night feel like Friday. You can get it at my favourite wine shop, Vino Pronto.

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  1. Nic says:

    I mean honestly! Posts like these just make me homesick.