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Go here: Almenkerk Estate.

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I’ve written gushing reports about Almenkerk estate before. With its architectural eye candy of a winery on a hill overlooking the stupidly beautiful Elgin Valley, it’s all rather ridiculous. Then there’s the wines, which are as pleasing on the tongue as the location is on the eye. The Lace range rose a perfect summer quaffer, while the Almenkerk Chardonnay a big-hitting wine that gets your attention from the first sip.

On Saturday a small group of friends and family got together to celebrate my birthday there. A table filled with cured meats, smoked salmon, caprese salad, pretzels, bacon, pea & goats cheese frittata and other delectables (organised by Cookshop catering*) together with an abundance of wine and a lazy game of boules made one of the best afternoons of the year.

Paradise, really. Pay them a visit and see for yourself.

* Cookshop catering – contact Ammy on 082 478 55 26 /