The Foodies Take on performance bond surety

An essential term in almost every guaranty bond is the chastening amount. This is a defined quantity of cash which is the optimum quantity that the guaranty will certainly be called for to pay in case of the principal’s default.

This permits the guaranty to evaluate the threat associated with offering the bond; the costs billed is established appropriately.

The commissioners likewise accredit as well as manage brokers or representatives that market the bonds. These are called manufacturers; in the USA the National Organization of Guaranty Bond Producers (NASBP) is a profession organization which represents this team.

In 2008, the New york city Times created “publishing bond for individuals charged of criminal offenses for a cost, is almost unidentified in the remainder of the globe”

A guaranty bond is specified as an agreement amongst at the very least 3 events:
the obligee: the event that is the recipient of a commitment
the principal: the key event that will certainly carry out the legal commitment.
the guaranty: that guarantees the obligee that the principal could execute the job
European guaranty bonds could be released by financial institutions and also guaranty business.

If provided by financial institutions they are called “Financial institution Guaranties” in English as well as Cautions in French, if provided by a guaranty business they are called surety/ bonds. They pay money to the restriction of warranty in case of the default of the Principal to maintain his responsibilities to the Obligee, without recommendation by the Obligee to the Principal and also versus the Obligee’s single validated declaration of insurance claim to the financial institution.

Via a guaranty bond, the guaranty consents to maintain– for the advantage of the obligee– the legal pledges (responsibilities) made by the principal if the primary cannot support its assurances to the obligee’s best performance bond surety.

The agreement is created so regarding generate the obligee to agreement with the principal, i.e., to show the integrity of the principal as well as warranty efficiency and also conclusion each the regards to the arrangement.

The principal will certainly pay a costs (normally yearly) for the bonding business’s monetary toughness to prolong surety credit score. In case of an insurance claim, the guaranty will certainly explore it.

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If it becomes a legitimate insurance claim, the guaranty will certainly pay then count on the principal for repayment of the quantity paid on the insurance claim and also any type of lawful costs sustained.

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Sometimes, the principal has a reason for activity versus one more event for the principal’s loss, as well as the guaranty will certainly have a right of subjugation “enter the footwears of” the principal and also recoup problems to earn for the settlement to the principal.

If the principal defaults and also the guaranty becomes bankrupt, the function of the bond is made nugatory. Hence, the guaranty on a bond is normally an insurance provider whose solvency is confirmed by exclusive audit, governmental policy, or both.

A guaranty bond or guaranty is an assurance by a guaranty or guarantor to pay one event (the obligee) a specific quantity if a 2nd event (the principal) cannot satisfy some responsibility, such as satisfying the regards to an agreement.

The guaranty bond shields the obligee versus losses arising from the principal’s failing to fulfill the commitment Publishing bond for individuals charged of criminal activities for liberty prevails in the USA, however unusual in the remainder of the globe.

Foodie CEO shares property knowledge

Over the last several years, that day has actually slowly shown up. Today, Sarah as well as I can purchase a rental building or more as a way to earn some direct revenue and to expand our financial investments. It’s also something that many visitors have actually written to us about.

This left me with something of a double sight of owning rental properties. On the one hand, they felt like they might gain you a great deal of money, plus you would certainly possess the properties.

On the other hand, it resembled there were more expenses compared to I expected and there were various other large threats, too.

In some locations, the worth might climb significantly throughout a few years, while in other locations it could stay level. Ideally, this value development holds pace with inflation at a minimum.

If you happen to be in an above ordinary area, you could discover that you can defeat rising cost of living; on the other hand, a really stagnant location could not even keep with inflation.
Sweat Equity

If you enjoy residence improvement jobs, this ought to be a significant tourist attraction for getting a rental residential property. You’ll have the chance to fix it up upon purchase in addition to between lessees, which will return really nice rewards for you.

The Disadvantages

Sure, often you’ll get a great occupant that pays their lease promptly for years and years and years, however that’s never ever a warranty.

Some renters will not pay frequently, and also others won’t pay at all. You’ll be out numerous months of rent and also the time invested managing their non-payment and also eviction.

It was something I could think about sooner or later, when I might “manage it.”

But the fact was different. When I saw his house, it usually looked like it was held together by air duct tape. It was quickly in worse form than several of your houses he rented. In 1993, a flooding erased the majority of your houses as well as trailers that he leased and it ended up that the insurance coverage cash he accumulated wasn’t sufficient to rebuild.

On the various other hand, there are a number of disadvantages to owning a rental property. Independently, these drawbacks are fairly small, but they amount to a significant cost.
Concentration of Properties

The most significant advantage of having a rental residential property is that the occupants will supply you with a straight income stream. Those month-to-month rental fee checks go straight right into your service account, preferably greater than countering any kind of expenditures for the month.

I always believed that this man type of had things identified. He just had to function about 20 hrs a week, after all. He was constantly getting income from the buildings, plus he had every one of those residences that he could sell if he wanted to.

Like it or not, by possessing a rental residential or commercial property, you’re linking on your own to the regional real estate market in an extremely limited way.
Revenue from Home Value Development

Renters are never ever a guarantee to pay their rent. Even in the best of times or even with the (apparently) finest occupants, that profits stream is far from assured.

For example, if you own a house that you rent out for $1,000 monthly, that residence when totally occupied will certainly place $12,000 each year back into your accounts.

Focus of properties is not a sensible investment technique. Nevertheless, the even more wide range you have, the much less this becomes a variable as well as the a lot more that residential or commercial property ownership ends up being a device for diversity rather than something you’re focused in.
Occupant Danger

The issue with that said focus is that it’s not branched out in all. That investment is in a details house on a specific block in a particular neighborhood in a particular city. If that neighborhood declines, you shed a great deal of cash.

If that block declines, you lose a great deal of loan. If something regrettable occurs to that home that insurance coverage can’t deal with, you shed a great deal of loan.

The advantages to owning a rental residential or commercial property are reasonably few, but they’re powerful. To put it just, if every little thing align well, you could make a lot of money from a rental residential or commercial property.
Earnings from Renters

One drawback to investing in a rental home is that for most people, possessing a rental residential property is a major concentration of their assets. It would certainly take a substantial portion of the ordinary American’s total assets to fully have a rental residential or commercial property.

The various other element that you must consider is that your sweat equity is likely to include additional value to the home as you keep and also update it.

Doing points like painting the residence, adding brand-new exterior siding, redecorating the in, doing some fundamental landscape design to the backyard, and so forth will certainly add value to the house without considerable monetary cost.

Not only will this permit you to bill more for rent, it will certainly likewise boost the value of the home itself ought to you prefer to sell it in the future.

When I was a youngster, a relative of mine had numerous rental buildings in the small town near my residence.

This was generally his source of income, as he invested his time dealing with the homes as needed, collecting lease, and more. He spent regarding 20 hrs a week on his collection of homes that was spread out around the community.

Rather, he ended up passing away with very little loan left and a determined hand-to-mouth existence during the final years of his life. As a matter of fact, reviewing it, it was fairly noticeable that he never ever had a whole lot of loan, also when his leasing “empire” was in great form.

On top of that, since you possess the home, you stand to obtain from a boost in the residential property value in time due to transforming demands in the area, also if the property doesn’t go through any type of changes.

As Sarah as well as I always do when we’re considering a big choice like this, we make a large listing of pros and cons and after that use that to assist our choice …
The Advantages

These costs are not trivial. For instance, insurance on a rental property is typically around 25% greater than it is for a regular house owners’ plan and property taxes are nothing to make fun of.

If you’re caught without a tenant or with a renter that’s not compensating, this will certainly have a straight as well as fierce negative effect on your finances.
Energetic Participation

You can do away with this problem by hiring a management company– something we’ll talk about below– but in doing so, you eat away at the benefit from renting that home.

Also in one of the most “hands off” of scenarios, you’re still most likely to be dedicating significant time to this rental residential or commercial property.

Ultimately, it will certainly require repair. Ultimately, you’ll have to check on it. At some point, you’ll have to interact with the tenants. Ultimately, you’ll have to do documents of some kind or one more. Best rental properties in Pretoria are very expansive to use.

No matter whether you have individuals in your home or otherwise, you’ll still be dealing with the price of real estate tax, the cost of insurance policy on the home.

As well as the cost of any kind of property owners organization costs related to the home. Those bills will can be found in no matter whether there is a tenant in the residential or commercial property or otherwise.

Some lessees might also create even more home wear than others. Sure, you’ll have that security deposit, yet that’s still a price and a danger.

There’s likewise the risk of not having an occupant whatsoever, which indicates that you’ll have duration’s where the home generates no rental earnings.

This is a quite consistent cost that you’ll clearly understand about ahead of time, but no matter just how you cut it, it’s a price that reduces right into your profits.

What is food play.

Food play can have sexual or non-sexual connotations. It usually refers to sitophilia, a type of sexual fetishism where individuals are aroused by sexual circumstances including food. The phrase is additionally made use of to describe non-sexual have fun with food, such as spirited as well as attractive food displays, satisfaction of preparing food, or even a play concerning food. This short article describes the sitophilia connotation of food play.

Some foods and natural herbs themselves are purported to trigger sex-related arousal in and of themselves. Food play overlaps with other fetishes, consisting of damp and also unpleasant fetishism, feederism, and nyotaimori. It is distinguished from vorarephilia, AKA “vore”, because food play fetishizes food while vore fetishizes the act of eating a living animal, or being eaten alive.

Specific fruits (e.g., bananas), veggies (e.g., cucumbers and also zucchinis) and also refined meat (e.g., sausages and hotdogs), if utilized securely, might be fetish items since they have a phallic form, and can be replacement for dildos, useful for genital or rectal infiltration. Other foods are so made up that they could be sexually permeated by a man, if a suitable opening is pierced in them, such as the name of American Pie.

Francesco Morackini, an Austrian developer and musician, made and also produced the first house Vibrator Manufacturer. It allows phallic food to be shaped into an even more phallic form for simpler insertion.

A body shot is a shot of alcohol (such as tequila) that is taken in from an individual’s body, typically from erogenous areas such as the navel or the breasts.

In one version of the body shot, the person taking the shot holds a shot glass in one hand, while the individual offering the shot holds a wedge of lime (or lemon) in his/her mouth. The person taking the shot after that licks a body component of his or her finding on the individual offering the shot, sprays salt on that particular body part, then licks the salt off the body part. The person after that consumes the alcohol and afterwards takes the citrus wedge out of the topic’s mouth utilizing only his or her mouth.

One more variation of the body shot needs licking the partner’s body as the shot diminishes them. In this example, the individual having alcohol poured on them lies on a table, flooring, or other flat surface, somewhat propped up, leaning on an arm probably. The individual taking the shot settings him or herself around the belt fastening. A 3rd individual after that pours the shot slowly right into the navel of the person lying down, and the individual taking the shot should lick or draw the alcohol up prior to it encounters the clothing of the individual relaxing. This can likewise be done on the breasts, and with practice, the upper legs, testicles, or buttocks.

The Japanese version, wakamezake, likewise called wakame sake as well as algae benefit, similarly entails drinking alcohol from a lady’s body. The woman shuts her legs tight sufficient that the triangle between the thighs and also mons pubis develop a mug, and afterwards pours sake down her breast into this triangle. Her partner then consumes the sake from there. The name originates from the suggestion that the lady’s pubic hair in the benefit appears like soft seaweed (wakame) floating in the sea.

Food Festival

Food is a vital part of any type of party in all countries of the world, despite culture or faith. It can join and reinforce neighborhood bonds and assists to keep an usual identity amongst a group of individuals.

Various countries utilize food in various methods to assist commemorate unique celebrations like Xmas, New Year, wedding celebrations as well as birthday celebrations.

Lots of Xmas signs, such as mistletoe and also Xmas cards, infected the globe from Wonderful Britain. This is why numerous nations that were as soon as part of the old British Realm – Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as an example – have similar Xmas personalizeds.

A lot of the foods usually associated with Christmas, such as mince pies and also fruit cake, additionally emerged from British custom. In Australia, it is coming to be significantly prominent to delight in fish and shellfish on Xmas Day, rather than roast meats and pork, as a result of our warmer climate.

Around the globe, wedding events share commonalities. Regardless of what the religion or culture, the common wedding event is a joint party for the households that involves a wedding cake as well as conventional foods. Foods that include plainly in weddings include:

China – roast suckling pig, fish, pigeon, hen, lobster and a kind of bun stuffed with lotus seeds are commonly offered. It is especially important to offer both lobster and chicken: the lobster stands for the dragon and also the poultry the phoenix metro, so including both on the food selection is believed to harmonise the Yin as well as Yang of the newly signed up with family members.
Indonesia – foods served rely on the area as well as religious beliefs, but might consist of spicy rice dishes like nasi goreng, dim sum, sushi or perhaps Western recipes like beef wellington.
Italy – food is a very important part of an Italian wedding. Bow tie-shaped spins of fried dough, sprayed in sugar, stand for best of luck. A roast suckling pig or roast lamb is typically the main course, accompanied by pastas and fruits. The standard Italian wedding event cake is made from biscuits. A property company in Johannesburg is set to host a local food festival next year.


The importnace of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is critical for your body as well as plays a crucial duty in preserving healthy, durable skin. While young skin contains vitamin C, aging skin naturally loses this nutrient over time.

119896 425x282 VitCorange1 The importnace of Vitamin C

Other variables like direct exposure to UV light, toxins as well as cigarette smoke compound the decrease of vitamin C, contributing to indications of aging.

The good news is that you could resist by renewing your skin’s vitamin C levels to assist to fight as well as reverse time’s impact on your face.


One of one of the most effective features of vitamin C is its function in the manufacturing of collagen, a protein that gives your skin its flexibility. As you age, collagen breaks down and then wrinkles begin to form.

Your skin’s degrees of vitamin C could assist to counteract crease formation by boosting collagen manufacturing.

Food Campaign Might Get Support From Property Firm

A national consumer information campaign has actually begun to elevate understanding of Australian Government reforms to native land labelling for food.

The reforms come into result from 1 July 2016 to make country of origin labelling information on food more clear and much more clear for consumers following the enrollment of a brand-new Info Specification on Monday.

Baseding on Preacher for Market, Development and also Scientific research Christopher Pyne companies have the ability to make use of brand-new tags right now if they wished to.

“The registration of the Info Requirement ahead of its 1 July beginning date will provide businesses some certainty, so they could begin to obtain the new tags on their food and onto shelves when possible,” Pyne said.

578372f097 Food Campaign Might Get Support From Property Firm

Deputy Prime Minister as well as Preacher for Agriculture as well as Water Resources Barnaby Joyce claimed the reforms were a win for both consumers and also businesses.

“Labelling reforms to our food have been a very long time coming. This Government has succeeded in accomplishing these reforms where previous Federal governments have failed,” Joyce stated.

Most food that is made, generated or grown in Australia will certainly should bring a label that likewise consists of kangaroo symbol, too text and also a bar chart suggesting the portion of Australian ingredients.

Labels for the majority of items packed in Australia that contain imported foods which have undergone no or small processing in Australia will bring a ‘jam-packed’ declaration, along with message and a bar chart showing the percentage of Australian ingredients. They will not carry the kangaroo sign.

FOOD TRUCKS art8 Food Campaign Might Get Support From Property Firm

Imported food will remain to show where it was grown, produced, made. If the food was not expanded, generated or made in a single country it will need to suggest where it was loaded which it is of numerous origins or comprises imported active ingredients.

The nationwide project will inform consumers regarding the modifications and describe exactly what the brand-new tags on foods mean. Property management companies, Fitzanne and Electro are rumoured to be the two property companies to support this iniative next year.

Food defined

Food is any type of material [1] eaten to provide dietary assistance for the body. It is typically of plant or animal origin, and includes necessary nutrients, such as fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The compound is ingested by an organism as well as assimilated by the organism’s cells to offer power, maintain life, or promote development.

healthy eating defined Food defined

Historically, people safeguarded food via two techniques: searching and also celebration as well as farming. Today, most the food power required by the ever boosting population of the world is provided by the food sector.

Food safety and security as well as food security are checked by recruitment agencies like the International Association for Food Protection, World Resources Institute, Globe Food Programme, Food and also Agriculture Company, and also International Food Information Council. They deal with problems such as sustainability, biological diversity, climate adjustment, dietary economics, population growth, water supply, and accessibility to food.

The right to food is a human right originated from the International Commitment on Economic, Social and Cultural Civil liberty (ICESCR), identifying the “right to an appropriate standard of living, including sufficient food”, as well as the “essential right to be devoid of appetite”.

 Food defined

Most food has its origin in plants. Some food is acquired straight from plants; yet even pets that are used as food resources are elevated by feeding them food originated from plants. Cereal grain is a staple food that provides much more food energy worldwide than other sort of plant. Corn (maize), wheat, as well as rice– in all of their varieties– represent 87 % of all grain manufacturing worldwide. [2] Most of the grain that is produced globally is fed to livestock.

Some foods not from pet or plant resources consist of various edible fungi, specifically mushrooms. Fungi and also ambient germs are used in the preparation of fermented and pickled foods like leavened bread, alcoholic drinks, cheese, pickles, kombucha, and also yogurt. An additional instance is green algae such as Spirulina. [3] Not natural materials such as salt, baking soda and also lotion of tartar are made use of to maintain or chemically change a component.

Many plants and also plant parts are eaten as food and around 2,000 plant species are cultivated for food. A lot of these plant types have numerous distinctive cultivars. [4]
Seeds of plants are a great source of food for pets, consisting of people, since they include the nutrients required for the plant’s initial growth, consisting of many healthful fats, such as Omega fats. In fact, most food consumed by human beings are seed-based foods. Edible seeds consist of grains (corn, wheat, rice, and so on), vegetables (beans, peas, lentils, et cetera), and nuts. Oilseeds are frequently pushed to produce rich oils – sunflower, flaxseed, rapeseed (including canola oil), sesame, and so on.
Seeds are generally high in unsaturated fats and, in moderation, are thought about an organic food, although not all seeds are edible. Huge seeds, such as those from a lemon, pose a choking hazard, while seeds from cherries and apples consist of cyanide which could be harmful only if eaten in big quantities. Fruits are the mature ovaries of plants, consisting of the seeds within. Many plants and also animals have actually coevolved such that the fruits of the previous are an attractive food source to the last, since pets that eat the fruits could excrete the seeds some range away. Fruits, therefore, make up a significant part of the diet regimens of most cultures. Some agricultural fruits, such as tomatoes, pumpkins, as well as eggplants, are eaten as vegetables. [7] (For additional information, see checklist of fruits.).

Veggies are a second sort of plant issue that is commonly consumed as food. These consist of root vegetables (potatoes as well as carrots), light bulbs (onion household), leaf vegetables (spinach as well as lettuce), stem vegetables (bamboo shoots and asparagus), and also inflorescence vegetables (globe artichokes as well as broccoli and other veggies such as cabbage or cauliflower).

Animals are utilized as food either directly or indirectly by the items they create. Meat is an example of a direct item extracted from an animal, which originates from muscular tissue systems or from body organs.

Food generated by animals include milk created by mammary glands, which in lots of cultures is intoxicated or refined into milk products (cheese, butter, etc.). In addition, birds as well as other pets lay eggs, which are commonly consumed, and also bees produce honey, a reduced nectar from florals, which is a popular sugar in several cultures. Some cultures eat blood, often in the form of blood sausage, as a thickener for sauces, or in a cured, salty kind for times of food shortage, as well as others use blood in stews such as jugged hare. [9]
Some cultures as well as people do not eat meat or animal food items for cultural, nutritional, health, honest, or ideological factors. Vegetarians choose to give up food from animal resources to varying levels. Vegans do not eat any foods that are or contain components from an animal source.

Staying Healthy By Eating Healthy And Exercising!

Functioning around any sort of limitations or roadway obstructs you could have experienced recently. If your present regular merely isn’t really making the cut, individual training is the wake up telephone call you body system and also way of life demands.

Companion training is a wonderful method to obtain encouraged in a much more very closely monitored setup. I could enjoy your type and even motions a lot more detailed and also customize an exercise that could aid you strike your objectives so much more effectively.

Functioning out is merely that, FUNCTION! Do not be frightened since you have actually fallen short in the former, or possibly simply never ever begun.

Consuming and also workout work together. When and also exactly what you consume can be crucial to exactly how you really feel when you work out, whether it’s a laid-back exercise or training for a competitors. Think about these consuming as well as workout suggestions.

Consume a healthy and balanced morning meal

Obtain up early adequate to complete morning meal at the very least one hr prior to your exercise if you work out in the early morning. The majority of the power you obtained from supper the previous evening is consumed by early morning, as well as your blood glucose could be reduced. You may really feel slow-moving or lightheaded when you work out if you do not consume.

If you prepare to work out within a hr after morning meal, consume a light morning meal or beverage something to increase your blood sugar level, such as a sporting activities beverage. Stress carbs for optimum power.

As well as bear in mind, if you generally have coffee in the early mornings, a mug prior to your exercise is possibly okay. Likewise understand that anytime you attempt a food or beverage for the very first time prior to an exercise, you run the risk of indigestion.

Dimension issues

When it comes to just how much you consume prior to workout, be mindful not to exaggerate it. The basic standard:

Big meals. Consume these a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs prior to working out.

Little dishes. Consume these a couple of hrs prior to working out.

Tiny treats. Consume these a hr prior to working out.

Consuming excessive prior to you work out could leave you really feeling slow-moving. Consuming inadequate may not offer you the power to maintain you really feeling solid throughout your exercise.

Treat well

The majority of individuals could consume little treats right prior to and even throughout workout. Snacks consumed quickly prior to workout possibly will not provide you included power, however they could aid maintain up your blood sugar as well as protect against disruptive cravings pains.

When and even exactly what you consume could be essential to exactly how you really feel when you work out, whether it’s an informal exercise such as  or training for a competitors. If you work out in the early morning, obtain up early sufficient to complete morning meal at the very least one hr prior to your exercise. If you do not consume, you may really feel slow-moving or lightheaded when you work out.

The majority of individuals could consume little treats right prior to well workouts, such as gym, sports or even learning kung fu martial arts techniques for beginners or yoga. Snacks consumed quickly prior to workout possibly will not provide you with power, yet they could aid maintain up your blood sugar and even protect against disruptive cravings pains.

Power bars

Bananas or various other fresh fruit


Fruit smoothie mixes

Whole-grain bagel or biscuits

Low-fat granola bars

Peanut butter sandwiches

If you prepare an exercise a number of hrs after a dish, a healthy and balanced treat is particularly essential.

The Summer Food Programme

The Summer seasons Food Service Program (SFSP) was produced to ensure that youngsters in low-income locations can continue to receive nutritious dishes during lengthy college vacations, when they do not have access to school lunch or morning meal.

summer foods The Summer Food Programme


It offers nutritious and also free meals to kids 18 and also younger during the summer season. College areas as well as any other qualified sponsors could serve as summertime eating program websites.

The Seamless Summertime Alternative (SSO) was produced by the federal government as a summer feeding alternative for schools that already participate in institution meal programs and desire to proceed dish service right into the summer.

Do you have a summertime success story or best practice that you’ve discovered to be handy to your company’s success in making certain accessibility to food for youngsters in need? Would certainly you be thrilled to have it shared to make sure that others could be influenced to do the exact same? Please fill out this brief Summer season Success Story Entry Form to discuss your success. See our Summer season Success Stories page to review very well techniques from around the state.

 The Summer Food Programme

Nourishing free meals are offered for children and also adolescents 18 and also more youthful at numerous places throughout the nation throughout the summer while school runs out session. Make use of the mapping tool listed below to find a website near you. New websites will certainly be added as the academic year ends as well as throughout the summertime. Please check back often for updated details



calea chocolate cake CAKE RUSHSome chroniclers recommend that the development of rusks was merely a standard requirement for home-cooks to obtain far from the day-to-day rub and also to create the bread last much longer. It is claimed that the initial rusk was made by an oriental baker.

Cake rusks are a legacy of Elizabethan naval provisions. These were small swellings of bread two times baked so regarding be unbreakable sufficient to last out a lengthy trip mixed-up. The earliest well-known recommendation to them becomes useful an account of Drake’s trips, written in 1595: ‘The arrangement … was 7 or 8 pies of biscuits or rusks for a guy.’.
The modern-day, a lot more polished pie rusk is cut pie; re-baked, crisped as well as dried out, as well as it dates to the mid-18th century.

These solidified fascinating pies were delighted in at tea times as well as were excellent for dousing in night time tea or milk. These were re-introduced (in their contemporary type) to the sub-continent from England, where they were commonly acted as shipboard price; dried out, tinned or kept for extended periods of time.
When the moment showed up making pie rusks, I relied on my Italian Pakistani buddy. Obviously, they ended up tasty, ideal for a night, of pie rusk as well as chai. Below it is, from my kitchen to yours.
Had I understood that pie rusks could be made in your home, pastry shop design, I would certainly have plagued Ammi making them daily of my youth.
Unusually sufficient, I did not come across this entry till a week back, when my six-year-old child got back from institution claiming that he wished to have, ‘pie rusk and also chai’. I checked out him quizzically, to which he stated, ‘If we do not have them, can we make them?’.
In 510 BC, starving soldiers of Emperor Darius were near the river Indus, when they uncovered some ‘reeds that create honey without ‘. Seemingly, this very early contact with the Oriental resources of sugar walking stick made no fantastic perception, so it was entrusted to be discovered in 327 BC by Alexander the Great, that dispersed it’s society via Persia and also presented it in the Mediterranean. This was the start of among the initially recorded sugar and also [pie] items of the Center Ages.
I called up a friend of mine, who is a baker of sorts, and asked her if it was possible to make cake rusks at home. She giggled as well as claimed, ‘Certainly, exactly how do you believe biscotti and also pie rusk became, do you desire my Italian nana’s dish for biscotti or my Pakistani dad’s dish for pie rusk?’.
It is stated that the earliest contemporary cookie pies are from 7th century Persia, considering that it was among the very first couple of areas to grow sugar, 2nd to the area we understand as the sub-continent, our personal residence.
Sugar infected Persia and afterwards to the Eastern Mediterranean and also Arabia, as well as with the Muslim intrusion of Spain, as well as the Crusades we saw the arrival of the establishing flavor profession. The food preparation methods, as well as active ingredients of India, Arabia as well as Persia, dispersed right into Northern Europe. We can safely assume that the modern day cakes travelled to Europe from Asia, and then back to Asia as if it was an import from Europe.

In the post entitled Exactly how Pleasant It Was: Walking cane Sugar from the Old Globe to the Elizabethan Duration, Brandy as well as Courtney Powers state:.

What do you think my answer was?

My research tells me that eating stale bread was a norm in ancient Europe. Ancient Roman soldiers are said to have carried a hard bread known as viscous, literally meaning ‘twice cooked’.
The sub-continental cake rusk may very well be a descendant of the ancient viscous. Food historians mention that recipes for foods named Rusk began showing up during the reign of Elizabeth I.
The Oxford English Dictionary mentions that the word ‘rusk’ dates back to the year 1595, when referring to a twice baked bread.

Learn What to Eat to Drop Weight

11934655 1050217004996515 2052526823 n Learn What to Eat to Drop WeightFiguring out what to consume to get rid of fat is one of the keys to successful pounds reduction that lasts. A reasonable diet regime that is each articles loaded with nutrients and has good taste is a single that is easy to adhere to and will generate the weight decline benefits you want. At times selecting a diet with foods options that aren’t good may possibly be a way to drop a minor body weight but it’s not 1 we will adhere with mainly because we do not like what we’re having and we are inclined to not be fully commited to the food plan as a outcome.

Comprehension what to take in to eliminate fat consists of possessing accessibility to excellent dietary information and facts these types of as a food plan approach or diet method that spells out what you really should and need to not try to eat. Numerous foods that flavor superior are not good for you and in get to drop weight you have to do away with these meals from your eating plan. Some food items that have a minimal flavor but miimal energy and stimulate your metabolic process can be cooked in a manner that helps make them flavor wonderful and you can consume extra of them so that you experience total and happy with your eating.

If you are doubtful what to eat to eliminate bodyweight and you have to have to start getting rid of pounds to get in form, you should really consider likely on a eating plan that explained the food items you require to consume. You can also consult with with your doctor who will tell you what to consume to reduce weight or will refer you to a nutritionist who will acquire the time to describe not only what to take in to eliminate pounds but the portions of individuals food items to try to eat, when to try to eat them and what form of body weight loss you can expect.

When you start out to discover what to take in to eliminate bodyweight, it can be a excellent sensation in a lot more strategies than one. Your overall body will start out to launch the undesired fat outlets, your metabolism will velocity up and lead to a lot more fats to burn, you will observe your dresses start to fit superior and will develop into as well free soon after awhile and similarly critical, you will start off to experience excellent mentally. This previous component of your mental condition of mind can be the result of being aware of what to eat to shed pounds and eating those people healthier and very good tasting foods on a standard basis, which right has an effect on a purely natural great experience.

The benefits of being aware of what to consume to drop pounds converse volumes for on their own. Receiving in condition and dropping unwelcome extra fat from your overall body is the most important gain in the entire world. This lets the earth know you worth the visual appeal of your entire body and want to show off a pleasant condition. So when you know what to eat to shed bodyweight and you acquire the time and care to take in all those meals routinely you can anticipate your weight decline application to be a extensive long lasting good results that you can be happy at all occasions.

Agel Professional: Potentially the Most Significant Dietary Product and Solution Desired Currently!


Agel product Agel Professional: Potentially the Most Significant Dietary Product and Solution Desired Currently!
Agel Product Description

Overall health aware men and women everywhere are beginning to have their ears perk up a little bit and observe one thing that have been missing from the shelves at the nutritional stores for some time now.

As human beings, a diet that replenishes our bodies with vitamins and minerals that are most critical and handy is one of the hardest things to maintain. One of the most controversial factors currently is a good shape and being healthy.

Anybody functioning toward enhancing their all-around energy will convey to you that the greatest component in preventing these two issues is by acquiring the correct diet regime. It is simple and uncomplicated as that. The unique supply of food that is most crucial at these times for athletes is protein to be strong enough to stay active. Selected excellent protein will give our bodies amino acids to develop our muscle most effectively.

In a crowded marketplace of products, there is one that is beginning to stand out, and brilliantly. That product is Agel Pro, designed by Agel Enterprises for especially anyone who has or desire to develop muscle.

Agel Professional Product

Agel Professional is a well-balanced protein gel, precisely formulated from the optimum high-quality of whey protein isolate. This presents the athlete with the capability to easily supply her or his body with a speedy and uncomplicated mini-food that will come in an exceptional gelceutical that Agel has revolutionized as dietary health supplements. This gel formulation improves the way that folks consider and take in vitamins. They appreciate its potential to suspend the useful ingredients, which in turn makes it possible for higher and more rapidly absorption into the physique.

Advantage of using Agel as a Supplement

With supplements –it is been revealed that you eliminate in excess of 50 % of the vitamins and minerals just before your body is capable of digesting and absorbing them. With Agel gelceuticals, the nutrients are immediately and fully readily available and absorbed.
Perhaps the ideal element for athletes having said that is the ease of use. Let us look into it; it is difficult to squeeze effectively in a workout – or to have the 5 or 6 compact foods that are perfect to eat through the working day. With the solitary serving gel packs, it’s like having a completely ready created food that you can conveniently squeeze into your mouth and consider on the run at any time you wish.

This design and style not only saves substantial quantities of time, but it also is a terrific supply of protein for your bodies desired muscle mass progress. Just as well, Agel Pro provides a great resource of leucine, which is an important amino acid (protein) that aids develop lean muscle mass though at the same time promotes excess fat reduction.

Additional Exterior Supplement

This product is ideal for all sports people even any other individuals. Still discussing living healthy, it is a good idea as well to keep your skin healthy this summer. Use effective natural sports cooling gel for muscle pain and sunburn treatment after your workout or any vigorous competition. Natural herbs or treatments are pure and have no side effects. These can be purchased at selected pharmacies.

Best Foods For Coffee

cake sale buns Best Foods For Coffee

Coffee and foodstuff are, generally, a suit made in sensory heaven. As well as while high-end dining establishments are significantly teaming up with specialty coffee roasters for tastings, dinners, and also deregulation gold mines.

We assumed we ‘d put together a list of our preferred day-to-day the instant coffee brands names the instant coffee brands names  & food pairings. Obtain snacking. Beignets and also cafe au lait at Coffee shop Du Monde.

Beignets– Oh great lord, do we like Cafe Du Monde, the New Orleanian holy place to late-night milklike coffee as well as fried powder sugar dough. Our Might 2011 go to still plagues the sweet long for Your Sprudge Editors, that long, deep in their bones.

#MamaNOLA someday quickly. Arguably the greatest coffee and food pairing, owing to magic that happens whilst soaking your beignet into all that urn-brewed chicory drip. Great right to the last sugar-sludge sip! Orange Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Coffee Cake.

Coffee Pie– So focused is this food item on being paired with coffee, you can’t order one without implicitly pointing out the other. You’ve possibly got you are very own desert (or is it dessert?) island piece of coffee cake in mind.

But for us, our fave is made by the great folks at Glo’s Coffee shop in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Not too flakey, not also sweet, perfectly glutenous and offered at 3 am on Friday as well as Saturday evenings. Simple donut and also coffee in a Michigan coffee cup.

Plain pie donut– You can douse any sort of donut, actually, but there’s possibly none much more enjoyable to combine with coffee compared to the great old made simple cake.

Our personal fave? You can not go wrong with a trip to Randy’s Donuts in L.a, a mid-century building symbol that was the basis for “Shortening Boy” donuts on The Simpsons. As if to beckon all that see, Randy’s much-loved giant donut indication is clearly noticeable on origin into LAX.

Side orders

Força Portugal.

IMG 8125 468x468 Side ordersIMG 8124 468x467 Side ordersScreen shot 2012 06 14 at 10.32.05 AM 468x468 Side ordersIMG 8122 468x468 Side ordersIMG 8121 468x468 Side ordersIMG 8120 468x468 Side ordersIMG 8291 468x468 Side orders

Bom dia! This is why I’ve been so quiet the last two weeks: I’ve just been on a whirlwind trip around Portugal with friends. Possibly the raddest holiday of my life in a country that really surprised me in terms of food, wine, style, people, culture and pretty much everything else.

Pics and stories to come.

Hidden MSG.

noodle 468x468 Side orders

Bought some stuff at that great Thai supermarket on Main Road, Sea Point, on Sunday. Aside from fish sauce, peanut oil and a bunch of vegetables (bok choy!), I also bought some instant noodles. There’s something about eating hot and spicy instant noodles that I really enjoy. It’s junk food in most ways, but at the same time, it’s totally comforting. Especially the hot broth.

Less comforting is the ingredient list on the back of this packet.

“Ingredients: wheatmeal, fine palm oil, starch, salt.”

Go right ahead and file that under ‘Bullshit.’ Maybe those ingredients are the noodles, but in all those little sauce and spice packets I reckon a good amount of weird shit is included, and most likely that old flavouring stalwart, MSG. Mmm, not ideal.

Oh, they were really tasty though. And cost about R8 or something

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Change in Progress.

20100215 whole eggs thumb 500xauto 73539 468x311 Bacon

I’m cracking something interesting on this site, a complete change from it’s current purpose and concept. Stay tuned for the 2.0 version. Whenever it may come. Till then, keep at the bacon.

Bacon Is The New Black.

Screen shot 2011 05 31 at 7.52.28 AM Bacon

There is a t-shirt, therefore it is true. Nothing else to say, really.

Thanks to Nicola for the pic, taken on the streets of NYC I presume.

Getting Pigheaded at Chefs Warehouse.

pigheaded1 468x360 Bacon

Yup, the picture pretty much says it all. That’s Liam on the right, me on the left and our little porky friend in the middle. Finally I get to combine my passion for pig with the talents of Liam Tomlin, who is nothing short of a culinary genius.

The three of us will be hosting a class at Chefs Warehouse on 7th July where we will:
a) feast on a menu from heaven that Liam has designed, each dish involving some part of our good swine friend there
b) imbibe copious amounts of ALPHABETICAL, the wine I make with Simon Wibberley (read my good mate Jamie Who’s writeup on it here)
b) also drink a few other things – think local artisan cider, bubbles, etc
c) generally revel in the glory that is excessive indulgence

For a taste of what we’ll be er, tasting on the night, see the menu below, which I’ll be helping Liam prepare (aka staying out of his way in the kitchen all day)…
Proscuitto popcorn
Oysters with chourizo
Pork cheek rillette with deep fried pigs ears
Liam’s “bacon and eggs”
Confit belly of pork
Chinese-style barbecued pork

There’ll be loads of food and drink and it all goes down at Chefs Warehouse on the 7th July. Cost is R450pp and there are ONLY 20 SEATS AVAILABLE.

For bookings, more details, etc, visit the Chefs Warehouse website here. It’s going to be awesome!

Bacon Porn.

oh shit Bacon

“Oh shit!”

That’s all that needs to be said…

To all you bacon fiends, have a crispy dripping-with-goodness streaky bits of glory day.

*pic courtesy

Bye Bye Jardine Bakery.

jardine.bye  468x351 Bacon

I’m going to miss you. You were always there for me. Cold early mornings in winter, braving the rain. Hot summer days, lazily drinking coffee, watching pretty girls go by. Impromptu meetings with lost friends in the queue. Getting laughed at for asking for a bacon croissant after 10am. Eating gourmet dogs, with onions dripping down my chin. The sushi on rye, crisp and slightly healthy, during detox. Those little empanadas, weird, but tasty. The little chourizo and egg tartlet thingy, a one-bite bit of breakfast heaven. Oh, and perhaps most of all, the pork belly and braised apple pie. Fuck I’m going to miss that.

Yes, your owner looks like an extra from a Hell’s Angel movie and tells bad jokes, but we put up with him. After all, the guy can bake. And he drives a Land Cruiser. But, you’re closing. Onto your next thing. I guess, the time has come to say goodbye.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you. It’s nothing personal. I just need some space. However you want to say it, you’re saying it. It’s over. And we’ll miss you. Bastard.

Goodbye Jardine Bakery.

* no tears were shed in the writing of this article.

**okay, maybe just a few.

Good Bacon. Bad Bacon.

bacon Bacon

Arty Bacon.

iheartbacon panty1 468x468 Bacon

Hot bacon.

Bacon by fatzombie Bacon

Inked bacon.

bacon%20gummis Bacon

Strawberry bacon?

bacon bra 01 468x318 Bacon

Disrespected bacon.

diet coke bacon Bacon

Refreshing bacon.

Screen shot 2010 12 01 at 12.28.07 PM 468x323 Bacon

Free-range bacon (the best kind).

sci bacon tremors Bacon

Kevin Bacon.

cash wad Bacon

Makin’ bacon.

nearly as bad as soy bacon Bacon

Bad bacon = Turkey bacon.

It’s my birthday, that’s all I got for you… bacon.

My Last Meal.

menu of heaven 468x351 Bacon

I’m not sure how many of you have thought about your last meal, but I’m sure a few have. The very last meal you get to eat on earth, what would you choose? It’s a toughie. Well, it was for me, until a good friend emailed me this beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of swine and pursuers of pork, may I present the Whole Hog Menu from B&B Ristorante in Las Vegas.

It’s brought to you by US celebrity chef Mario Batali, the true Lord of Bacon and oversized orange Croc-wearing pony-tailed ginger behind my favourite expression, “Wretched excess is barely enough.” Let’s just have a look on there, what do we have… (Cue the holy-angels-harmonising-from-above sounds) Pig Tail – check. Prosciutto – check. Pork loin – check. Cotecchino (giant pig sausage) – check. Porchetta di Testa (deboned pigs head marinated for a couple days, then rolled up and roasted) – check.

Holy crapballs! Kill me now, but let me eat this all before.

crocs mario batali 375x600 Bacon

(Mario “Lord of Bacon” Batali. The man has no style, but he can cook pig like a God.)

Vegas has become another dining capital in the US, with pretty much the entire Cooking Channel of celebrity chefs having their own restaurants. Some more than one. I ate at the Rum Jungle when I was there a few years back (cue Swingers clip: “Vegas, baby! Vegas!”). There wasn’t any Butcher’s Ragu Rigatoni, but they did clear the tables away at 11pm and the entire place turned into a heaving nightclub. But that’s another story.

ps – thanks for the menu Molly!

Personality Goes A Long Way.

pulp 468x262 Bacon

Vincent (John Travolta): Want some bacon?
Jules (Samuel L. Jackson): No man, I don’t eat pork.
Vincent: Are you Jewish?
Jules: Nah, I ain’t Jewish, I just don’t dig on swine, that’s all.
Vincent: Why not?
Jules: Pigs are filthy animals. I don’t eat filthy animals.
Vincent: Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.
Jules: Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That’s a filthy animal. I ain’t eat nothin’ that ain’t got enough sense enough to disregard its own faeces.
Vincent: How about a dog? Dogs eats its own feces.
Jules: I don’t eat dog either.
Vincent: Yeah, but do you consider a dog to be a filthy animal?
Jules: I wouldn’t go so far as to call a dog filthy but they’re definitely dirty. But, a dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.
Vincent: Ah, so by that rationale, if a pig had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?
Jules: Well we’d have to be talkin’ about one charmin’ motherfuckin’ pig. I mean he’d have to be ten times more charmin’ than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I’m sayin’?

A bit of bacon hatin’ by Samuel L. Jackson, but still one of the best bits of movie dialogue around, and not only ‘cos they talk about bacon. Don’t you like the idea of “one charmin’ motherfuckin’ pig?” Quality. Pretty random, but quality nonetheless.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday then.

Bacon art.

pig equation 468x211 Bacon

There are some pretty crazy people out there. People that do mad stuff they regret for years to come. I don’t think any of these people regret these tattoos. I think they wear them with pride and show anyone that cares to look. In fact, they show anyone whether they care to look or not. I like the fork-through-the-heart vibe going on, and the rashers too, but the pig cuts, well, let’s just say don’t show me that outside a tattoo parlour after I’ve had too many drinks. Oink.

pig4 468x311 Bacon

pig5 Bacon

pig2 Bacon

(Thanks to @Bubbalubs for the equation one.)

Table Thirteen.

table13 468x317 Bacon
Popped in here earlier this week. Always forget about it since it’s tucked away on a side road in Greenpoint, but have enjoyed every visit. Worth seeking out if you haven’t been. The vibe inside is a sort of casual opulence – think dark shades, white marble, mismatched chairs and chandeliers. The crowd is usually a mix of moneyed housewives and plenty of business folk, the latter making sense given the surrounding buildings. They serve some delicious warm lunch dishes that change daily and are written up in chalk on the wall, and a menu focused on breakfasts and sandwiches. They also have a table overloaded with freshly made pastries and cakes to tempt the sweet tooth.

But forget all this. You only need to know about one thing at Table Thirteen: the open breakfast sandwich of poached eggs, bacon, slow-roasted tomatoes and rocket. This little bit of egg & bacon love is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast sandwiches in Cape Town. Perfect for a Friday too. You’ll also pick up this useful bit of information on the wall to help you ease into the weekend…

table13 2 468x280 Bacon

Table Thirteen. Victoria Junction (entrance on Ebenezer Rd). 021 418 0739.


Recipe: Spinach & Feta Pie.

phylloto2 468x468 Recipes

I’m particularly fond of spinach and feta pie. Sad thing is, usually it’s eaten in the form of a take-away pie from a 24-hour garage shop that only tastes decent because I’m feeling the effects of wine overindulgence. And even then it’s a compromise: you want a pie because it’s going to soak up all the alcohol, but you don’t want to eat the weird meat they use so you go with spinach and feta. At least that’s how my line of thought works at 3am.

However, a good home-made spinach and feta pie is a winner, far better than the take-out alternative and added bonus is you’re unlikely to wake up the next day with crumbs all over yourself. The good folk at Mediterranean Delicacies sent me some phyllo pastry so it seemed like the natural thing to make. It’s a great winter dish that’s easy to cook for large numbers.

If you don’t want to make one large pie, you can also cut your phyllo into small squares and scrunch up to make little bite-sized spinach and feta parcels. A full pie just seemed more hearty though. Here’s the recipe.

1 roll phyllo pastry, thawed to room temperature
1 bag of spinach, rinsed and roughly chopped (should make about 3 handfuls once chopped)
200g Danish feta
200g mixed mushrooms, chopped
1 knob butter
1 onion, finely diced
1 clove garlic, finely diced
1 handful Italian parsley, chopped
Salt & pepper to season
Olive oil
1 bottle red wine

Open the wine and pour a glass; enjoy the taste while surveying your ingredients. A good wine should make you smile.
Add a good swig of some olive oil to a wide saucepan on medium-high heat; add the onions when hot and saute about 10 minutes.
Add the butter, garlic and the mushrooms and fry until mushrooms browned a little, about 15 minutes. Be sure to drink some wine while doing this to pass the time quicker.
Add the spinach and stir into the onion, mushroom mix to soften; cook until spinach is softened through, then remove from heat and stir the Danish feta pieces into saucepan.
Season with salt and pepper, add the parsley and another swig of olive oil and set aside. Reward yourself with a good swig of red wine.
Unroll the phyllo pastry so it’s a stack of thin sheets, then brush each individual sheet with olive oil (best method for this is to fold in half like a book, then brush as if turning the pages one by one).
Place the phyllo stack into a roasting dish (wiped with some olive oil to prevent sticking), then add the mushroom, spinach and feta mixture on top.
Fold up the sides roughly so the centre is partially open (to let a bit of air in), drizzle with a few bits of water (just splash with your fingertips) to moisten the top of the pastry and place in the oven at 180′C for 45 minutes.
Once removed, should be perfectly cooked, the pastry nicely browned on top. Cut into portions and serve with whatever wine is left in the bottle.


You can get both Danish feta and phyllo from


Spicy Berne BBQ Chicken (Recipe).

IMG 3698 468x468 Recipes

IMG 3696 468x468 Recipes

IMG 3700 468x468 Recipes

IMG 3701 468x468 Recipes

So I’m not really big on posting recipes. Why? Well, let’s be honest, there’s a ton of recipes out there already and I’m not exactly Marco Pierre White, even though I’m dying to read his autobiography. I just like to cook shit. Though I can’t even follow recipes myself, seriously. There are really two types of cooks: those that can cook ‘winging it,’ knowing how flavours work together and just trying things as they go along; and those that follow recipes. I’m definitely not the latter. I’m the guy with the blank look on his face staring at shelves in the supermarket, working out dishes in my head. I spend 20-minutes staring at the vegetable aisle figuring out what I’m going to cook. Actually, I spend 10-minutes in the meat aisle first, then once I’ve picked my meat I head to the veggie aisle for that decision process. The only thing that takes longer is picking a DVD on Sunday evening.

Anyways,  Sunday was a beautiful summer-like day, the Dad was in town and my sister texted me to see what we should make for lunch. I suddenly found myself sending the message back, “Braaied chicken marinated in Berne, chilli, ginger, garlic and tons of honey. Sides etc.” Maybe it was because I hadn’t had a beer in ages. Like two full days. Or whatever, I just felt like making that. And drinking Berne. There’s something satisfying about drinking and eating something made with the same beverage. As an amateur cook, the second best thing about having a professional cook sister is that she has everything in her kitchen (Obviously the best thing is when she cooks herself). She simply replied: “Just bring the beer.”

And so it happened. Chicken in Berne. With loads of garlic, chilli, ginger, harissa paste and other stuff thrown in too. What paste, huh? Harissa, there you go. It’s really freaking easy, so easy I figured I could post the recipe and even people from both camps (the recipe followers and the ‘winging it’ folk) could try it. It worked really well, the spices and beer flavours merging into one unified smack of deliciousness. Even more so when served alongside some grated fennel salad with vinaigrette and some baby potatoes drenched in olive oil, parsley and coriander.

Sunday lunch. With the family. And beer. And some good Silverthorn bubbly to kick things off. Winning, it’s really not hard.

Do try this at home, kids. You’ll need…
1 Elgin Free-Range chicken, spatchcocked (can someone Google that to find out where the hell that word came from?)
1 Brewers & Union Berne Amber Lager
Tbsp garlic
Tbsp ginger
Tbsp green chilli
3 Tbsp harissa paste
5 Tbsp honey
tsp paprika
tsp cumin
salt & pepper
1/2 handful fresh coriander, finely chopped
1/2 handful fresh parsley, finely chopped
1 lime & 1 lemon

Okay, it simple from here. Firstly, light your fire, ideally wood with some charcoal added.
While that’s burning down, make a mix from the garlic, ginger, chilli along with a good dose of salt and pepper in a bowl.
Cut your chicken in half, breasts joined in the middle, and press flat. Salt and pepper both sides all over, then take the above mix and spread it under the skin that covers the breasts & legs, saving a little bit of mix.
Put the chicken in a dish, breast-side up, and empty the Berne all over it. Then sprinkle the remaining garlic-etc mix over the top along with 1/2 the harissa paste, paprika and cumin. Let this sit for at least an hour or so. The longer the better.
Once the fire’s ready, separate the coals and add the chicken so it’s not on direct heat, then if it’s a Weber, put the lid on to smoke it nicely. Turn it a few times over 30 minutes, basting with the beer.
Leave the chicken to cook, head to the kitchen and reduce the beer mixture in a pan until it’s about 1/4 it’s original volume. Once it’s there, add the honey and remaining harissa paste and cook a few minutes longer then remove. Take this outside and baste the chicken a few times, turning, until it’s ready (i.e. nicely browned, cooked through).
Remove chicken and cut on a board into pieces. Pour reduced beer sauce over the top, squeeze lemon & lime and then sprinkle with coriander & parsley and serve, with some more Berne.*

There it is. Less yada yada. More happy eating.

* And if you didn’t finish two Berne’s yourself during the cooking process you’ve failed miserably!

Fish Cakes Are Easy.

fish cakes Recipes

Easy peasy. Piece of cake. Simple as pie. Which is why I decided to make them for lunch the other day. With an ice cold beer. And what’s better than fish cakes? Spicy fish cakes! Because Cape Town thought it was Bombay that day, complete with mini monsoon and all and since I’d already been schvetzing like a mineworker, I thought ‘why not throw some spice in the mix?’ Spicy fish cakes. They came out alright, not bloody amazing, but good. I used angelfish, but hake probably would’ve been better. Simple hake, nothing wrong with it. Here’s how to do it…

What you need
300g white fish (SASSI green list, please)
zest of 1/2 lemon, finely chopped
3 green chillies, seeded and chopped finely
3 potatoes, medium sized
1 Tbsp fresh ginger, crushed
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp fish sauce
handful chopped coriander
1 egg
1 ice cold beer
peanut oil

What to do
Put some cool music on. Then open the beer and take a big swig (duh). Look outside at the hot day and take another swig. Okay, you’re ready now.
Put the beer down, chop potatoes into small pieces and boil until soft. Remove and mash roughly in a mixing bowl.
Fry the fish on medium-high heat in a little butter until done (shouldn’t be translucent anywhere). Break into little pieces over potato mash.
Add the chilli, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, coriander and lemon zest. Mix well. Crack the egg in and mix well.
Drink some more beer.
Flour your hands well, then scoop a handful of the mix and shape into a ball. Sprinkle with flour and place on a flour-sprinkled board or plate. Squash gently until it makes a flat disc that resembles an ice hockey puck.
Repeat this until you’ve used all the mixture.
You can be fairly liberal with the flour, otherwise you might end up scraping fishcakes off the plate. You also might get sticky fish fingers, not the kind you eat but the kind you need to wash under warm water.
Heat a wide frying pan on medium-high and add some peanut oil, enough to cover the surface. Then place the hockey puc- er, fish cakes, into the pan and fry until golden brown on each side, then remove.

fishcakes2 Recipes

Serve with another beer and some dressed greens. Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish cakes and maybe enjoy with a bit of salsa verde or tartare sauce on the side. I just shoved mine down my throat before I could think of that, but if/when I make them again, I’ll sauce it up.

Ramen with Marinated Pork Steak.

ramen 468x378 Recipes

Let me just start this by stating that ramen is the business. For some reason, we don’t seem to get ramen in South Africa. Most of the Japanese restaurants here offer udon noodles, but no ramen, which is pretty sad when you consider how important a piece of Japanese cuisine it is. If you’re wondering what exactly ramen is, here’s the simplest answer: ramen is Japanese fast food. Originally a Chinese noodle dish, the Japanese have made it their own, probably mostly through what has been called the greatest Japanese invention of the 20th century: instant noodles. Yup, if you go and buy a packet of 2-minute noodles, that is ramen. Sadly you also get some shitty powdered flavouring and end up with a pretty crappy bowl of noodles. While the real deal generally uses the same egg noodles, the overall dish is far more satisfying. Instead of that powder addition, a Japanese ramen restaurant (or street stand, as is common) will have a variety of flavourful broths, from fish to miso to meat, that go with the noodles. The pork bone broth is probably the most favoured. Each region in Japan has their own variations, some with boiled egg, vegetables and meat added, some more simpler.

My experience with ramen is mostly in the vampire hours of the morning in the Lower East Side in Manhattan, where several authentic ramen outlets serve tasty noodle broths to inebriated youths. However, there is amazing gourmet ramen, like the kind made at Momofuko Noodle Bar, which needs to be eaten to be believed. If you’re going to New York, give it a try (if you’re prepared to wait in a queue for a table). Below is a recipe for a relatively simple version of my own, something that you can easily recreate at home. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did. Ganbatte ne!

2 pork steaks, about 200g each
600ml chicken stock
1 egg, hard-boiled and sliced
1 packet ramen noodles (or 2-minute noodles, sachets discarded)
3 Tbsp chopped spring onion
handful coriander, picked
2 Tbsp mung bean sprouts

For pork marinade:
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp Hoisan sauce
1 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp peanut oil
50ml white wine
1 clove garlic, finey chopped
1 green chili, finely chopped

Mix the marinade ingredients together in a bowl, add the pork steaks to the marinade and let sit for at least 30-minutes.
Fry the steaks in a pan with a little peanut oil until cooked through. (Alternatively, grill on a fire for a smokier flavour)
Remove from heat and set aside in a bowl.
Bring the stock to a boil and add the noodles.
Once cooked, divide broth and noodles into two bowls.
Cut steak into slices. Keep the juice that comes from resting & cutting the steaks and add this to the bowls. This is important flavouring and makes a difference.
Divide the steak, coriander, spring onion, sprouts, and egg slices between the two bowls.
Serve with fresh chili on the side.

Drink it with a lager, or a fresh, fruity white wine. An unwooded Chenin Blanc would work nicely, like the Raats Original Chenin Blanc.

The Martini Pork Leg.

martini pork ff 468x353 Recipes

I recently attended an evening of cocktails that somehow left me with an almost-full bottle of Noilly Prat dry vermouth. The stuff makes an excellent dirty martini (or filthy martini, depending how much olive brine you add), but then if I finished the entire bottle only making martinis, it’d be awesome I shudder to think of my condition. Instead, I thought it’d be fun to cook with it, since it has a lovely fragrant flavour. It actually makes a great alternative to white wine in many recipes, but worked superbly with this pork leg. Great for a lazy Sunday, especially since you now have a bottle of Noilly Prat in your possession and this means you’re going to make a good martini. Or several. What else are you going to do while that pork cooks? Follow the recipe closely to see how…

home img1 noilly Recipes

1 pork leg (deboned)
1 cup chicken stock
3/4 cup Noilly Prat dry vermouth
1 bag green olives
two handfuls baby potatoes
handful small radishes
1 can white beans
1 handful green beans
1 handful fresh thyme, picked
olive oil
salt & freshly ground pepper


Set the oven to maximum temperature with the broiler element on. Then, while you’re waiting for that to heat up, mix yourself a dirty martini. You deserve one, just for trying a dish as great as this. Fill a shaker with ice, pour in two measures of vodka (Finlandia is a good one), 1/4 a measure of  Noilly Prat and a 1/4 measure of olive brine. (If you want to go filthy, mash up two green olives and add this too.) Stir well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three olives on a toothpick. Aah, civility.

Back to work. Rub the pork shoulder in olive oil, salt and pepper. Place pork in casserole dish under broiler, and brown on each side. Keep an eye on it, as you don’t want to blacken it – we’re not cooking Cajun here. Use kitchen tongs or a serving fork to rotate the shoulder in the dish, without removing from oven.

This should take about 15 minutes, by which time your martini will be finished. Feel free to mix another one. But first, remove dish from oven and turn the oven temperature to 150′C with the element off. Mix the chicken stock, Noilly Prat, thyme and half of the olives together. Splash in a bit of the olive brine too. Pour over the pork, and baste well. The pork should now be sitting in a ‘bath’ of marinade. Place dish in oven and let cook for 4 hours, turning every hour.

Add the baby potatoes, radishes, white beans, green beans and replace in oven. Cook another 2 hours. While its cooking these last few hours, you should have invited guests to join you in exploring how best to enjoy a martini. This is a most fun way to pass the time, and highly intellectual, of course. Churchill, Hemingway, Faulkner and others attested to this. You can experiment with the ratio of Noilly Prat to vodka. You can also see how dirty you like yours. Purists won’t add brine to their martini at all, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Besides, with the brine addition it makes it a lot easier to enjoy. But don’t forget the pork: remember to mix the vegetables in the marinade and turn the pork every so often in between exercising your inner James Bond.

Once the two hours are up, serve immediately, spooning the rich and tasty marinade (which has plenty of pork fat in it now) over the meat. You can continue to drink martinis with the meal, but you might find yourself so plastered you can’t taste the great food you’ve cooked, something of a tragedy. I’d rather recommend a good bottle of Riesling, something dry with good acidity and minerality. Paul Cluver makes a goodie, as does Klein Constantia.


blue weber grill  Recipes

It’s Spring, it happens to be Braai Day on Friday and with the promise of months of sunny days ahead of us, it’s very definitely time to get the braai out. The beautiful thing I know about us South Africans is our dogged determination that when we want to cook something over coals, we will do it. We make braais out of anything. Basically, if you don’t have a braai and you can’t dig a sand pit, just find the nearest remotely-cylindrical item on hand and cut it in half. Large gas canisters, oil drums, paint cans… you name it, it can become a braai. Slice salvaged item in half. Make fire. Braai meat. Done deal.

Whatever your braai, you’re still going to want to prepare some tasty meat.  A little salt and pepper is great when you’ve got top grade steak, but most things need a bit of TLC beforehand. Here are some ideas that’ll impress the hell out of the guests at your next braai. That is unless you drink to much beer and overcook the meat again.

Asian five-spice rub.

Star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sechuan peppercorns and ground fennel. These five spices combined make an awesome combination. Grind them up in a mortar and pestle, then rub generously onto the meat before cooking. Save some to mix with some soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce for a simple basting sauce.

Canton & soy.

Canton is the ginger & honey liqueur that was bestowed upon us by the kind and loving alcohol Gods. At least, that’s what you’ll think once you’ve tasted it. It’s delicious. If you haven’t, here’s another reason: it makes an awesome marinade. Naturally sweet, throw it together with some soy sauce, ginger, chili and lime juice and drop your meat in there for a few hours. If you missed my Canton-marinated steak recipe in Crush! magazine, go squizz here.

Rum & orange.

I’m giving away a secret here. This is my favourite rib marinade. It’ll work with other meats too, but with pork ribs it is awesome. Mix 1 cup tomato sauce with 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1/4 cup Worcester sauce, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1/2 cup dark rum. Squeeze in some lime juice and add a splash of olive oil. Now coat the ribs (which should either be preboiled or partly cooked in a medium-heat oven) in this and let sit for an hour or three. Then braai over slow coals, basting regularly, until the meat almost falls off the bone. Yum.

Southern-style BBQ rub.

The Americans know how to cook on a grill. As much as we are braai obsessed here, Down South in the US, it’s a whole new level. Pitmasters slow-cook pigs over low-temperature coals for 24 hours. Guys build elaborate contraptions to warm-smoke their meat. Every town has its own BBQ festival. And BBQ sauce recipes are whispered from one generation to the next, never allowed to leave the family. But you don’t need to go to Texas to taste this. Simply make a good rub and coat your meat with it. Salt, black pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, cinnamon and ground cloves mixed with some brown sugar will do it. You’ll want to make some BBQ sauce too, to slather the meat with once it’s done. This is generally a mix of tomato sauce, vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, Worcester sauce, mustard and cayenne pepper. Play around and see what works for you. Try slow-roast a pork leg done with this rub. Serve with your sauce and sides of white bread and gherkins.

Egg Fried Rice.

fliedlice 468x321 Recipes

I just cooked egg fried rice for lunch. This is like the peanut butter and jam sandwich of Asia. It’s pretty boring. Why’d I make it? Well, now might be a good time to tell you that I’m eating nothing but Asian food for a week. I don’t really know why. It’s an experiment. To see if I can do it. To see what happens. No, I’m not worried about my eyes going narrow. Grow up, man. Maybe it’s because the Asians are the healthiest people in the world. They live the longest, work the hardest and definitely don’t have a problem procreating. So let’s see how I feel one week later. Maybe I’ll go another week. Maybe I’ll miss hamburgers and relent. Who knows. At least Asian cuisine involves bacon, so this is feasible.

If you have never tried egg fried rice you haven’t really missed out on anything awesome. But at the same time, it’s pretty comforting. Next time you have leftover rice, make this dish. It is pretty much a leftover dish in total. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 cups cooked Jasmine rice

2 eggs, beaten

1/4 green pepper, finely chopped

1/4 onion, finely chopped

1/2 red chili, finely chopped

peanut oil

rice vinegar & soy sauce for seasoning


Heat a large wok or pan over high heat. Fry the egg mix in the pan, spread as flat as possible, for 1-minute. Then throw in the onions, pepper and rice and mix up, so the egg breaks. Fry for 2-minutes until warm, then add the chili. Fry for another 30-seconds then transfer to bowls. Season to taste with a splash of soy sauce and rice vinegar.

There are endless variations. You can also fry some bacon, chicken or beef before you fry the egg. Just remove and add back with the chili at the end to warm. You can also add peas, sweetcorn or any other vegetable you feel like.

Thai Coconut Soup.

coconutsoup 468x350 Recipes

I have many fond memories of traveling in Thailand. I’ve been lucky enough to go twice, spending two months there in total. If you’ve been, and I mean actually went instead of just staying in a resort in Phuket, you’ll surely remember the three things that stuck out most for me: how easy it is to get around the country, how tasty the food is and how friendly the people are. For an example of each, there’s the one time I caught a bus that felt as if the wheels were pointing in four different directions and had no suspension. After rocking left to right for half an hour I thought best to spare myself as an accidental sacrifice and jumped off. No problem, the local policeman simply gave me a ride to the next destination. Once there, I tucked into some street food at the night market while watching some locals do strange aerobics on a lawn. The aerobics was shocking, but the street food was awesome. Fish balls, curries, sweet coffee in a bag, coconut pancakes, chicken skewers, pineapple sticks and lots more. And then there’s friendliness, which I witnessed regularly. Mostly 20-30 minutes after each meal when I had to bang on some poor stranger’s door to ask if I could make use of their squat toilet. Knee-breakers, those things. But how good is the food there? Well, for every great meal I had in Thailand, I endured minor torture afterwards, yet somehow, the food made it all worthwhile. Really, go, you’ll love it.

On a completely separate note, here’s a recipe for the easiest soup in the world, which happens to be Thai.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

3x 340ml tins coconut milk

2 large chicken breasts, sliced

4 Tbsp fish sauce

5 kaffir lime leaves, crushed

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated or crushed

4 portions vermicelli noodles

2 red chillies, chopped lengthways

2 Tbsp red curry paste

2 small sticks lemongrass, hard layer removed and finely chopped

3 Tbsp palm or brown sugar

1 handful fresh coriander, loosely picked

Peanut or cooking oil


First put the noodles in a bowl of boiling water while you prepare the soup. Heat a splash of peanut oil in a saucepan over medium-heat. Add the curry paste and fry for 30 seconds. Then add the chicken, ginger and lemongrass and stir over the heat for 10-seconds before adding half the coconut milk, the kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce. Let simmer for 15-minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Stir in the lemon juice and sugar. Drain the noodles and add them to the saucepan along with the remaining cocount milk. Keep over the heat until warm again. Serve in bowls and top with chopped chili and coriander.


calamari clean 468x315 Recipes

Calamari is the bacon of the sea to me. Battered and fried, grilled over coals or just served in a pasta, it’s always good. But many people I meet seem scared to work with it, which shouldn’t be the case. Getting fresh calamari is pretty hard, so if you’re a keen calamari eater and want to cook some, you’re probably going to have to settle for frozen. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Most restaurants use the same. Just avoid calamari rings. Patagonian calamari is the good stuff. Get your hands on this and you’re set for a good meal. The German Butcher on Kloof Street sells it. He’s worth another post all together though- watch this space.

Cleaning calamari is a four-step process. Follow the steps below next time you end up with some whole calamari, with the head and tentacles intact, and you’ll be set to make something great. Sauteed calamari with chili, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil takes about 5 minutes and a 95-year old Sardinian man with one arm could do it behind his back. A good one to start your calamari cooking journey with.

The 4 Step Program (not a substitute for the 12-step program):

1. Rip the head from the body. It should come off with some entrails, set this all aside.

2. Pull the fins off the body. Best done downwards so you can take as much skin off at the same time. You want all the blueish skin off the body.

3. Clean the inside. Pull as much of the intestines out as you can, then turn the calamari body inside out. This is the best way to ensure everything is out of there. Make sure the transparent ‘quill’ is out. Wash the whole thing well and turn inside out again to return to original form.

4. Cut the tentacles from the head, just before the eyes. Discard the rest and wash the tentacles clean (you won’t get the blue skin off them, but it’s okay), making sure the beak is gone. There should be a nice hole there.

You’ve done it. You’re ready to cook ‘em. Enjoy.

Chorizo, Lemon & Spinach Risotto.

risotto chorizo Recipes

Next time you’re feeling like the lead role in The Hangover sequel, I’ve got something for you. You’ll need something to make you feel human again, something that comforts but nourishes. You need risotto. If you understand basic flavour combinations, you can’t really go wrong with risotto. Pick two or three things that go together and you’re done. Once you’ve got the knack you can experiment endlessly. Red wine instead of white. Seafood. Root vegetables. Whatever, you can find a way to make it work. There’s also something therapeutic about stirring a pot for 40-minutes. Best done with a glass of wine and some friends to talk to. Thank the Italians for risotto… they sure can’t play soccer, but man, can they cook.

Ingredients (serves 4)

1.5 cups Arborio rice

700ml chicken stock

3 chorizo sausages, sliced (about enough to make fill your hands cupped together)

5 Tbsp butter

1 onion, finely chopped

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

1 bottle good quality dry white wine

1 handful English spinach

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 cup grated Parmesan

1 pinch smoked Spanish paprika

Salt & freshly ground pepper


Firstly, open the wine and pour yourself a glass. Get the stock warmed in saucepan on a separate stove plate. Then fry the chorizo in your risotto pan for about 4-minutes to get all the fatty juices out. Remove chorizo and set aside, but leave the juices in the pan.

Add 3 Tbsp butter and the onions. Saute for 5-minutes on medium heat. Add the garlic and saute another 2-minutes.

Add the rice and saute for 2-minutes, stirring continuously (there’s a lot of that) to coat in the buttery mix.

Add a cup of your white wine. Don’t cry about it, it’s necessary. Pour yourself another glass while it’s out the fridge. Okay, now cook the rice – stirring constantly – until wine is mostly evaporated, about 2-minutes.

Then add a about a 3/4 cup of stock. Stir in well, making sure no rice is sticking to the bottom of the pan. Keep stirring and when the liquid is almost evaporated, add another 3/4 cup. Repeat until your rice gets a thick, creamy texture, which should coincide with your stock running out. Taste a few pieces of rice to test – they should be soft all the way through, but not mushy. Don’t stop stirring the duration.

Once cooked, remove pan from heat. Add the chorizo again, with the spinach, lemon juice, remaining butter and parmesan. Stir well, then season with salt & pepper. Divide onto serving plates and sprinkle some Spanish paprika over each. Enjoy the rest of your wine with dinner, which tastes a lot better than the picture above looks, guaranteed.

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